Ben Prunty: “The most important advice I can give to an aspiring game musician”

Ben Prunty gives some advice to aspiring game composers. He’s a great writer, and a nice guy, so it’s great to see how successful he’s become, especially after FTL. Don’t think it’s just luck, either–he’s worked hard to get where he is.

Ben Prunty's Blog

As you probably know, I made the music for FTL, Gravity Ghost, Star Crawlers and a bunch of other games that are on their way. I am what you would call a successful indie; I get to write music full time and make a comfortable living doing what I do. I’m going to tell you a little about myself and the things I learned, because I think the information might be useful to an aspiring indie, musician or otherwise. First, a brief autobiographical account of how I got to be making music for games. Brace yourself, here comes

My Story

little ben Pictured: dork. Not pictured: musical prodigy. This becomes significant later.

Confession time: I played trumpet in high school band, and I was so bad at it that the teacher actually had me stay back a year in band class. That’s right, I might be the only person on Earth considered…

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