In the studio with The Pundits.

My name is Peter Inouye, and I have dedicated my life to all things music.  Composing music is my passion, though you will frequently find me performing and playing instruments.  Now I am writing for interactive media, video games, and any available projects.

Learning piano at age 6 gave me the theory foundation for my future as a musician, which I first applied to trumpet, my primary instrument.  Two instruments were not enough, so I now play anything I can get my hands on—including guitar, banjo, recorder, pennywhistle, harmonica, and hammered dulcimer.

I love playing the banjo.

My performance experience is varied; I have played in concert band and orchestra ensembles from middle school through university, the UCLA Bruin Marching Band, and brass quintets and ensembles, and other classical settings.  Now I find myself playing more popular music, like trumpet in the ska band The Pundits, and keyboards in my current rock band Two Left Feet.  And my secret passion is for old-time music, and I can be found playing clawhammer banjo at local jams on the weekends.  Having a wide breadth of musical experiences provides a varied list of influences, from Rachmaninoff to Radiohead, and I tend to draw upon all of them in my music.

When I’m not playing music, I’m a true gamer at heart, and always have been.  It’s probably the music of Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy Series) and Koji Kondo (Zelda, Mario series) that inspired me to write music for games.  Now, it’s the new future of game audio that inspires me–adaptive and generative music in particular, which are opening whole new perspectives on how people will view music in the future.  No longer will it be the repetitive themes that we love (or hate, after hearing it for 3 hours while power-leveling), but immersing, constantly changing soundscapes that enhance the narrative within games.  That will be the future of music in video games.



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