Music will be constantly added here as projects are completed, so please keep checking back! If you want more, visit my Soundcloud page.

Blowfish Meets Meteor Trailer

Blowfish Meets Meteor is a recently released brick-breaker game for iOS from Sky Tyrannosaur. When asked to write music for the trailer, instead of the casual game-style of music featured in the game, they wanted it to be like a Hollywood-style blockbuster trailer. I drew some inspiration from Two Steps From Hell (a prominent trailer music house) when writing this track.
See the full trailer (with video) here on youtube.

In-game music from Minion Master

Here’s a selection of the music that was in Minion Master. Once the game starts, all players have a “card phase,” where they select what units to summon, modifiers to play, and cards to discard. After all players have made their moves (or the timer runs out), the “action phase” begins. All units are summoned simultaneously and begin to attack either enemy units or the enemy avatar. There are three intensity levels of battle music. A track is selected based on the number of units on the board, the number of high-powered units, low avatar health, or a player having a statistically more powerful army than the other players (in other words, in a position to ROFL-stomp everyone else). After the action phase, players return to the card phase to plan for the next round.  If a player gets eliminated, they see the “you lose” screen and hear the corresponding loss oneshot. If a player wins, they’re awarded with a victory screen and the Victory music to go along with it.

“Main Title” from Minion Master

Minion Master is an multiplayer tactics/collectible card/tabletop-style game from BitFlip Games. The game features fantasy character designs and actions, so the epic orchestral fantasy style seemed to fit perfectly. More decks are in development as well, so the upcoming gameplay music will incorporate styles like horror and steampunk.

“Deck Builder Theme” from Minion Master (Excerpt)

This is the theme that plays when building your deck in Minion Master. Fully orchestral, the music starts quietly, and builds to a huge climax.  This track is an excerpt from the in-game track, since the in-game version has a very long harp/pennywhistle outro that loops directly back to the beginning to give sonic variation to the player (who typically would be at this screen for a long period of time).

Level Music from Angry Bears Space (working title)

Level music for Angry Bears Space, an iOS casual game from MolyJam 2012. The game was a runner-style game with a cartoony-space aesthetic, but with a very well thought out game design. I tried to have some electronics in the music to reflect the sci-fi aspect, but with orchestral elements to recall hollywood-style sci-fi aesthetics.

“Big Brass” – Level music for Roaring Skies [single edit]

Roaring Skies, a game from Brew Engine, is bringing multiplayer air combat to the mobile gamespace. Early gameplay videos didn’t show fast-paced dogfighting a la Top Gun, but instead slower more powerful planes. I chose to slow the pace of the music, with heavy percussion and a strong low brass to reflect this. My favorite moment is the thoughtful middle section, where the cellos pick up string ostinato from the rest of the piece, but in a lyrical fashion. A solo trumpet doubles the soaring violin melody, over the fast viola arpeggios, creating an undulating texture.

Luvinia Online Trailer Score

After some discussion, it was decided that this trailer music should be less epic but still fantasy, but a lighter than the previous track I had composed for the video.  The producers wanted a bigger opening than asked for originally, so instead of the pitched percussion, I opened with a big brass fanfare, and double-timed the original tempo.  The opening melody was kept a bit simpler to be more childlike, or dare I say Zelda-like, and it changed the mood of the video drastically.  Luvinia Online is now in beta testing, and should be open soon.  The final trailer can be seen on YouTube or on the Video Samples page.

7 Dragons Trailer Score

The goal for this project was to create a Hollywood-style epic-fantasy score over the video trailer, keeping the music exciting over mostly the still image gameplay of the turn-based strategy game 7 Dragons.  This was completed for SF-based game company Outspark. The final trailer can be seen on YouTube or on the Video Samples page.

Survive – Main Theme

Survive was a zombie-apocalypse survival horror-game. When asked to write the main theme for the menu, the track given as a reference was the theme from AMC’s Walking Dead. I used biting percussive strings to create the tension, and one of my favorite instruments to use in any horror theme: a gigantic barn door.  This game was ultimately scrapped before completion, but the music lives on here.

Luvinia Trailer Score [Draft]

[This track is still in progress] The music for this trailer was to begin with light pitched percussion to represent the innocence of the main boy and girl characters, growing as they train and gain strength. The trailer ends with an epic battle  with one character falling, the other racing to help, and the monster close behind, ending with a cliffhanger with the tagline, “The world needs you.”

The trailer and game are not yet released, but a final audio track and video will be posted as soon as they are completed. More info on the game is available at Luvinia Online. This is another project for game developer Outspark. Edit: This track was scrapped, the producers chose to go for a lighter tone for the video.  The new track can be heard above.


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